Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

1 Litre of Tears

Pernah nonton "One Litre of Tears" ? serial yang bikin terharu..temenku malah sampai nangis. itu kan dari kisah nyata gadis yang mangidap penyakit, namanya susah ..intinya penyakitnya ada di otak lah. Dari film itu, aku dapet beberapa puisi dari situ. puisinya menyentuh, by Ikeuchi Aya, 

The Other Side of Suffering
Everyone feels pain
But surely, after suffering satisfaction will arrive
Even with sports,studying or other ordeals
With life,it’s like that for everyone
If we can beat the pain, on the other side
A rainbow of happiness awaits for us
That will definitely become a treasure
Let’s believe in that

Step by Step
When my existence seems to disappear
I will look for the place where I can do the best I can
From now on,I’ll deliberate slowly
I won’t be impatient
I won’t be greedy
I won’t give up
Because everyone takes things step by step

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